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Growing the most beautiful Tomato varieties

Tomatoes come in a stunning array of colours, shapes, and sizes, making them not only delicious but also visually appealing in the garden and on the plate. Here are some of the most beautiful tomato varieties to try, and with the increasing trend here's my choice of the top 10 varieties for the most creative combination.

1. Queen of the night
The true queen of black tomatoes, this richly flavoured salad type variety hails from the Rhine region of Germany but no more words are required, just check out the photo!

2. Cherokee Purple:
Known for its dusky rose-purple color, the Cherokee Purple tomato has a rich, complex flavor. The large, beefsteak-shaped fruits make a captivating addition to salads and dishes.

3. Golden Sunrise:
This cordon variety, produces the most beautiful golden yellow fruits which are considered by many to be the best flavoured tomatoes there are. The fruits themselves are a lovely medium size and nice and fleshy. They are prolific with a deliciously sweet fruity flavour and will add an incredible eye catching dash of colour to any summer salad.

4. Green Zebra:
The biggest appeal for this great tomato is that it looks fantastic in the bowl. True to its name, the Green Zebra tomato is a small to medium-sized fruit with vibrant green stripes. The green flesh has a tangy flavor, creating a visually stunning contrast on the plate.

5. Pink Brandywine:
A classic heirloom variety, the Pink Brandywine tomato features large, pink, and slightly ribbed fruits. Its sweet, juicy flavor and delicate hue make it a favorite among gardeners.

6. Indigo Rose:
Uniquely dark and mysterious, the Indigo Rose tomato features a deep purple-black skin with red undertones. The color intensifies with exposure to sunlight, creating an eye-catching addition to salads and dishes.

Grab this fab combination over on Sarah Raven

7. Striped German:
This beefsteak tomato variety showcases vibrant, multicolored stripes over a yellow-orange background. The large, flavorful fruits are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

8. Indigo Blue Berries:
As the name suggests, the Blue Cream Berries tomato offers small, round berries with a delightful blue tint. The tiny fruits are not only sweet but also add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Grab some seeds here DT Brown

9. White Wonder Tomato Variety:
A very unique addition to the tomato spectrum, White Wonder tomatoes are ivory or pale yellow in color. The mild flavor and creamy appearance make them stand out in salads and culinary creations.

10. Rainbow Blend:
A mix of colorful cherry tomatoes, the Rainbow Blend features a medley of red, yellow, orange, and even purple tomatoes. This blend not only provides a diverse flavor profile but also enhances the visual appeal of your garden.

These beautiful tomato varieties not only make gardening more fun and creative, but also elevate the visual appeal of your culinary creations. Experimenting with these colourful and unique tomatoes can add a touch of artistry to your garden and plate alike. Happy Tomato growing!
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