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Consciously Grown Design

Were you looking for a Garden Designer who takes a conscious approach?

Fabulous! You are in the right place. We offer a full-service garden design consultancy, including landscape design, construction management, planting and garden styling, all designed and executed with nature and preservation in mind. 

Garden Design Orpington


A complimentary call

We start by jumping on a complimentary call to discuss the brief and what you are looking for. Questions like; when would you like the garden to be completed by and what has brought you to this point of wanting a garden design. We get to know each other a little and hopefully establish that we are the right fit for your project. We then move forward.. 


A garden visit & chat

Seeing your garden, chatting and getting to know one another is a critical part of the process. We will have a good look around and an even longer chat at this stage, predominately about how you want to feel in the garden and numerous other questions to that effect.

Designer planting Plans
Garden Design Kent & Surrounding Counties


Sharing ideas & inspiration

This part of the the process can be carried out remotely via email, Zoom or alternatively in more follow up meetings face to face. The more insight and idea sharing at this stage the better as the planning is key to achieving the desired outcome. 


We get to work on your design

Time, careful thought and skill goes into creating a design that brings to life your hopes and dreams for your garden, and more often that not a design that is better than you could have ever envisioned yourself.

Beautiful Bespoke Planting Plans
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