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Hedge Care & Pruning

No hedge too big, no shrub too small.

At Consciously Grown we care for them all. Whether you are planning a topiary masterpiece or would like to keep your hedges and trees looking lush, smart and shapely all year round we can absolutely help.

The simplest way to book in your hedge pruning visit is to to get in touch and provide and approximate measurement of the hedges or trees that require work and we will endeavour to provide an accurate quote for you over the phone.

Alternatively for more complex tasks we would be happy to visit you to provide a complimentary no obligation visit to quote and get you booked in.

Wendy's Hedge Hell

A story about a hedge ...

We arrived at Wendy's garden for the very first time and found her 11ft Laurel hedge that ran around the permitter of her entire house and garden was completely brown at the top and had a rather sad case of the miss pruning blues, she was a little shell shocked and cross with the previous company she had used and how the hedge now looked. 

Unfortunately we couldn't work miracles, and this took time, expertise and a long term game plan to resolve and put right which we immediately set about doing, but the theme of this story is far too common. Wendy unknowingly had contacted a company for a hedge prune for her Laurel at the wrong time of year and the garden company that attended simply did what she had asked and did not advise otherwise.


Ideally what you we would want in that situation is for the experts at any garden company to advise the client that this was the wrong time of year to prune Laurel and the potential consequences and damage it may cause if they were to proceed.


We have not interest in criticising other businesses but we do see this sort of thing happen quite often, and it gives gardeners a bad rep. 

TOP TIP: Ensure that you use reputable trained gardener to conduct the work on your hedges, and asking what qualifications or experience they have is totally acceptable. Alternatively check with them before they start about whether the timing is right for the particular plant they are about to tackle, and ensure you feel confident that they have the right tools and the right expertise to complete the job. 

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