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Galanthus elwesii 1 Litre Plant in the Green - Early Spring Elegance


Spring flowering Giant Snowdrops!


f you missed out on planting your own bulbs or would love the reliability of established plants grown for you and in the green, these are the Snowdrops for you! 


Galanthus elwesii 1 Litre Plant in the Green - Early Spring Elegance


Introducing the Galanthus elwesii, a delightful herald of spring, now available in a convenient 1-litre size and "in the green," ensuring a vibrant burst of life for your garden.


Key Features:


Early Spring Bloomer: Galanthus elwesii, also known as the Giant Snowdrop, is celebrated for its early arrival, pushing through the frost to unfurl charming, nodding white blossoms. Watch as your garden comes to life with the first signs of spring.


1 Litre Size: Our plants come in a generous 1-litre container, providing a healthy start for your Galanthus elwesii. The size ensures a robust plant ready to establish itself and grace your garden with its delicate blooms.


In the Green: What sets these plants apart is that they are "in the green." This means they are lifted and supplied with their green foliage intact. Planting "in the green" offers a higher chance of successful establishment and quicker flowering.


Naturalising Beauty: Allow the Giant Snowdrop to naturalise in your garden. Over time, these bulbs multiply, creating an enchanting carpet of white blooms that will charm you year after year.


Low Maintenance: Galanthus elwesii is a hardy and low-maintenance perennial. Once planted, it requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for both novice and seasoned gardeners.




- Plant Size: 1 Litre

- Type: Perennial Bulb

- Bloom Time: Early to mid-spring

- Sun Exposure: Partial to full shade


How to Plant: 


1. Timing: Plant in early autumn for spring blooms.


2. Soil: Well-draining soil is essential. Incorporate organic matter for optimal growth.


3. Depth: Plant bulbs at a depth approximately three times their height.


4. Spacing: Space bulbs about 4-6 inches apart for a naturalized look.


5. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist during the growing season.


Bring the magic of early spring to your garden with the Galanthus elwesii 1 Litre Plant in the Green. Order now and welcome the beauty of nature's rebirth to your outdoor sanctuary.


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