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What can I expect from a fortnightly visit?

Your expectations are hugely important to us and we always want to ensure we provide the very best value and service to our customers. What we have come to realise is that we forge the best relationships by delivering exceptional plant and garden care with minimum fuss and a healthy, natural approach that ensures the garden thrives. Read about Judy & Dave's experience below ...

Organic Lawn Care Service

Judy & Dave love gardening in the summer and get actively involved in planting annuals, creating beautiful planting schemes and tending to their plants at that time of year. We support them during the summer when there are lots of annual weeds to take care of, and the rest of the year when the weather makes gardening much less exciting and enticing for them we care for the garden and all of its needs. Our support means that the process is enjoyable for them and that they get the very best experience from their garden. We've also helped cultivate a relationship with their autumn & winter garden that they didn't previously have by introducing them to new plants, and bulbs for year round enjoyment. 


We visit their beautiful garden fortnightly, help a lot with some of the more strenuous, larger tasks and regularly edge and weed the borders for them. We support with planting out, cutting back, pruning, leaf clearing and much much more.

If this or any of the other services we offer sound like something you would benefit from please do not hesitate to reach out to us and join our gardening club! 

Check out our other services here. 


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