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What you can expect on a Monthly Visit

If you have a smaller garden that doesn't need a higher frequency of visit, or you like to do most of the gardening yourselves and would like a little helping hand then this could be the perfect option for you. We also recommend this type of visit for a medium size garden without a lawn and we tend to schedule a longer length of visit with lower frequency in order to still get plenty done, Either way we can discuss your needs with you and ensure your garden is at the best possible standard all year round. 

Garden Furnitures

Gill & Tom one of our regular customers in Ryarsh, Kent have us visit their garden on a monthly basis for an 8 hour visit. They are avid gardeners and they mow the lawn themselves. We support to take care of the rest, ensuring that all of the plants are maintained in optimum condition. 


Their garden has a number of beautiful fruit trees, roses and mixed herbaceous borders and we advise and support with guidance and practical care on feeding, pruning and weeding of beds and borders to create the aesthetic they desire,


When we first took over this garden certain plants were not thriving in their current locations and we were able to provide practical changes and relocations to ensure they were happier and healthier, which produced the look this family wanted.

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