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A little note from us ..

In 2023 we embarked on a new adventure in our business and it’s a proud moment for us to share that last year we designed, maintained and tended to all of our gardens in a completely chemical free and regenerative way.

It was our goal to deliver a sustainable, planet friendly approach in our business, but without compromising on our commitment to delivering excellent service and standards for our customers.  Proving that we didn’t need to use harmful chemicals to achieve the same great results.

We invested in more electric tools and also onboarded two new fantastic team members that now embody our ethos.  A particular highlight supporting customers to start growing their own organic food in their beautiful kitchen gardens which we designed and built for them, and also the design and build of three brand new wildlife friendly gardens that have already started to feel like they’ve been there forever.

We don’t preach about organic, regenerative gardening, we simply try to integrate our approach in subtle ways that our customers can appreciate, but it has been wonderful to see a growing number of people specifically seeking out regenerative, organic gardeners and we are definitely here for that.

By working the soil less, mulching lots more, weeding by hand and carefully selecting the right plants to ensure they thrive we’ve seen all of our gardens come on leaps and bounds, and most importantly become havens for wildlife - in particular birds and Hedgehogs.

You may or may not notice the increased bio diversity in your garden, but it will definitely be there, and in time increased bio-diversity means that plants are far more likely to thrive and be resistant to pests and diseases. Our approach to soil health plays such an incredibly important part in our environment and we’ve learnt lots and incorporated our knowledge into our work even more this year.

We are proud to say that 67 gardens were cared for without chemicals last year,  that we planted a whooping 4020 new plants, shrubs and trees, and that we are committed to building on this approach and growing our business even more in 2024.

Our goal this year is to make as much positive difference to the way we garden and how gardens are cared for as possible, but without losing the importance of what our customers want from their space.  We are big ambassadors for healthy living, and we’d love to support as many homes as possible to grow their own, and experience the amazing health benefits that organic food can have.

If you know someone that wants to join our garden club please don’t hesitate to recommend us, or if you’d love to help us grow and build on our passions we’d be incredibly grateful if you could help us by leaving a review on google here: Google Review

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