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Enjoy January in the garden

I nearly entitled this article with the usual "January Jobs" but then I stopped myself and thought for garden lovers, nature enthusiasts and in fact all of us why would we want to call these little meaningful tasks that we can choose to complete in the garden if we wish to JOBS or WORK because it immediately takes the fun out of doing them! And, for so many of us gardening is a wonderful experience, and one that enriches our lives, health and environment. So no more "jobs for the weekend" or 'January Jobs" for me, I'm reframing my thoughts and words on the subject and maybe you would like to do the same.

Lets get excited about the garden and feel super grateful we got the job of doing it ...

Cultivating a plan to enjoy your January garden sounds a lot more joyous, even just writing that makes me want to step outside and find new ways to be in my garden this month. For some this may involve a greenhouse, a heater or some extra thermals! But, have you thought about how rewarding it would be to make that greenhouse sparkly clean, fresh and ready to use. What would you want to grow in there if it was - Would the seed packets be lined up in perfect little rows ready to sow, the seed trays neatly piled and tools sharp and gleaming ready to use?

Or my other immediate vision was a roaring fire pit, cosy blankets, marshmallows and even a pizza oven on the go. We actually have customers that do this in the winter and it is one of the highlights of their year, they much prefer the great outdoors in the colder months and why not, it certainly makes you feel alive and present, and if cold plunges are the new thing for lots of people, surely cold weather gardeners can catch on too.

On a more practical note I find it definitely increases enjoyment if the garden still feels inviting, warm, cosy, well lit and beautifully planted. There is something truly fabulous about glossy evergreen leaves with warm lighting shining though, and interesting garden structures standing proud and drawing you in. Dead droopy plants that can be cut back now are slightly less appealing to look at but a nicely tilled bed and a tidy herbaceous border brings a real sense of calm and order once its done. Well pruned roses all at even heights in goblet shapes thanks to excellent pruning techniques can bring an incredible sense of satisfaction, and just knowing that now will mean you never look at a pruned rose in the same way again!

When the snow falls and dusts everything like icing sugar even then the plants take on their own form, and the shapes and structure can look truly magical. Lighting is probably the most important element, coupled with safe, durable landscaping features that ensure they are usable in winter, and a canopy to keep you dry, but won't also get taken down by the wind. Nobody wants to go flying on sludgy leaves or chasing their umbrella down the road like in Mary Poppins.

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