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Christmas flowers from the garden

As the days get wetter and the summer flowers are well and truly on their way out it really doesn't have to be a drab month in the garden. In fact Autumn and Winter plants can be equally as exciting when you choose the right ones. I find having the right plants to make you smile when you step outside is even more important in the colder months, when we sometimes need that motivation and lift even more.

Although the choice for winter interest is slightly more limited, it is no less beautiful, or rewarding and actually a more refined colour palette, coupled with the way plants grow in the winter months makes it even easier to create beautiful combinations. It is useful to know that plants will grow very little if at all during winter and therefore what you buy in the nursery is how it will look in terms of shape and size until spring next year. Also the majority of plants that look good now are Perennials and Evergreen which means your purchases will stick around, and you are investing your money smartly into plants that will stay longterm in your garden.
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